Saturday, June 29, 2013

Run/ Walk Cycles & Summer Update

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since I've updated (I feel like I say that for every post, but it's true!) Summer's been pretty busy--I've been animating as much as I can, as well as traveling. Lately I've been trying to get better at cycles...walk cycles, run cycles, flight cycles, etc. Below is a basic walk cycle using David O'Reilly's Taxi Fish rig, as well as a basic run cycle using my simple poly character from last sophomore year.

Taxi Fish Walk Cycle from Rachel Doda on Vimeo.

Simple Poly Run Cycle from Rachel Doda on Vimeo.

I have some really cool news, too: turns out I was accepted to Tigobo School's Intensive Collective Workshop for the summer! I'll be studying Visual Development and Scriptwriting for the month of July. And the coolest part? It's going to take place in Los Angeles, CA--in the heart of Downtown (in a safe street, though, for all you worry-worts out there).

I'm also participating in my favorite story artist's, Leo Matsuda's, Skill Share Class. He's teaching the Art of Storyboarding, and the project's theme is a story from your life. Check it out through the link below, and you'll be able to take the class for $10.00 instead of $20.00 (plus it gives me some credit, too). Happy Boarding!

Skill Share: Leo Matsuda's Learn the Art of Storyboarding

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