Saturday, November 9, 2013

One Week Sketchbook Self-Challenge

Hey Everyone!

Just recently, I decided to challenge myself and complete a sketchbook in less than a week--it was surprisingly easier than I thought it was, and I think I'll attempt to do it again with the next one. After all, it used to take me forever just to fill one book. But now that I've proved that it is possible, and that there is no reason not to finish one within a deadline, I'll definitely attempt it again.

Anyway, below are some of my favorite sketches from the sketchbook. Happy looking! :)

Robo-Chris from Bravest Warriors! The day I got my new sketchbook was the day they released the episode with him starring--I thought drawing him would be a good exercise.

Sketches of Friends/ Strangers

Story ideas/ Randomness

Sketches of "Muffin-Mike" Excalibur, the Ringling squirrel loved most.

More Story Ideas/ Randomness

Sketch of my friend, Millie. :3

Sketches of Armand Serrano when he came to visit. Such an inspirational guy!

More Story Images

My concept teacher, Billy Merritt, and some panic sketches of me during one of the classes.

More Story Images

One of my DFA characters--I call him the Crow Killer, despite the fact that he's super adorable.

A drawing of me as Darth Vadar and R2-D2...because why not? Haha!

Also, I'll try to post my latest DFA work, as well as my concept work (?). 

Until then, ciao for now!