Monday, August 19, 2013

Tigobo School Adventures: Pt. 2 + School Starts!

Welp, the summer's now over and school has started once again! It's crazy how fast time flies--I still can't believe I'm a junior now! But I'm incredibly excited to get started, and to keep updating this blog with cool stuff from both my summer adventures and future school projects.

Below is some of the figure work I did while at Tigobo School. I really loved being able to draw figures from inside the gallery--what was really nice about it was that the gallery viewed outside onto a street corner that provided me plenty of inspiration for characters and stories. And the best part? The people couldn't see us inside the gallery really well, so there was no artist/subject awkwardness that usually comes with drawing from life.

Recognize this guy? He's the man that inspired the character from my previous post on the blog. I absolutely loved his mannerisms--they reminded me a bit of Po from Kung Fu Panda, which was pretty cool.

Marker Portraits

Like said, one of the best things about the space at Tigobo was that it faced a street corner where plenty of people would come by. In particular, I really loved drawing this couple(?), because of the range of emotions the woman expressed throughout her conversation with the man. Originally, it had started off as a simple chat, but soon the woman ended up crying, the man having to comfort her before they could continue talking.

Some of my friends from Tigobo (Top: Sully; Bottom: Cedric), posing for a 10 min gesture.

Lastly, one of my awesome teachers, Reno, posing for 10-15 min gestures.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tigobo School Adventures: Part 1

Hey Everyone!

In my last post I mentioned that I attended Tigobo's Intensive Collective Workshop for one month. While there, I studied storyboarding and visual development under the guidance of Reno Armanet and Flavie Darchen, as well as various guest artists. It was a really great experience, and as I post sketches, I'll be sharing more about my great experience with the school! :)

Below are some drawings from an assignment I did in the beginning of the workshop. The exercise was to draw people from the street who passed by the school, and to base a character around one of the life drawings. It was a cool experience for me, since most of the time I'd found it hard to find a place to do sketches of people where I wouldn't be disturbed by the environment around me (disruptions such as people coming up to me, asking questions about whether I'm drawing or not, asking whether I could draw their dog, etc.)

The person who I based this character on reminded me of Silent Bob from The Clerks (a movie I still have yet to see, but know the characters fairly well). I'll post the drawings I did of the guy later on after I get some figure work compiled together. Also, if anyone happens to know a good name for this guy, feel free to shout it out--the only names I can come up with are Joe, Stan, Frank, etc.