Saturday, November 9, 2013

One Week Sketchbook Self-Challenge

Hey Everyone!

Just recently, I decided to challenge myself and complete a sketchbook in less than a week--it was surprisingly easier than I thought it was, and I think I'll attempt to do it again with the next one. After all, it used to take me forever just to fill one book. But now that I've proved that it is possible, and that there is no reason not to finish one within a deadline, I'll definitely attempt it again.

Anyway, below are some of my favorite sketches from the sketchbook. Happy looking! :)

Robo-Chris from Bravest Warriors! The day I got my new sketchbook was the day they released the episode with him starring--I thought drawing him would be a good exercise.

Sketches of Friends/ Strangers

Story ideas/ Randomness

Sketches of "Muffin-Mike" Excalibur, the Ringling squirrel loved most.

More Story Ideas/ Randomness

Sketch of my friend, Millie. :3

Sketches of Armand Serrano when he came to visit. Such an inspirational guy!

More Story Images

My concept teacher, Billy Merritt, and some panic sketches of me during one of the classes.

More Story Images

One of my DFA characters--I call him the Crow Killer, despite the fact that he's super adorable.

A drawing of me as Darth Vadar and R2-D2...because why not? Haha!

Also, I'll try to post my latest DFA work, as well as my concept work (?). 

Until then, ciao for now!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Animatic Dump: "Desert Before Dinner" and "Night Feast" + Sneak Peek

Hey Everyone!

I'm excited to share with you some of my animatics so far from this semester. The first one is a short comedy called "Desert Before Dinner"; the second one is an action sequence called "Night Feast".


Dessert Before Dinner from Rachel Doda on Vimeo.

Night Feast from Rachel Doda on Vimeo.

Also, here are some storytelling images alluding to the subject of my next animatic, oh yeah!

And some accompanying music, for the tone of the piece.

Ciao for now! :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Artie Waiting Project

Hey everyone!

Here's an animation I meant to post a while back. It was the second warm-up exercise we did with the Artie rig. The goal was to have Artie waiting for something--I decided I'd have him waiting for a message from the beyond...!

I wish we could have had more time to work on this--I'm pretty happy with how it did turn out in the end, though.


Artie Waiting Project from Rachel Doda on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Design Lab Paintings

Quick little ol' update--I just finished up my design lab paintings for my Drawing for Animators class, and thought I'd share it.

It was really fun rendering the designs--I ended up doing somewhat-realistic rendering for most of them except the last two (which are soft cel-shaded). I'll try and post some the the process work later. But for now, enjoy the final renders!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Silhouette Project Final+Process

Hey Everyone!

I'm excited to share my first CA project for this year--the Silhouette Test using the Artie rig! Feel free to check out the final below, as well as some of the process work if you're interested (I found this project to be really fun, so I decided to compile some of my stuff for others to check out). If you want to ask any questions about it/ want to critique, feel free to do so! C:

Artie Silhouette Project from Rachel Doda on Vimeo.

Process Work:

With the start of this project, I was torn between doing something simple vs. something complex. I struggled with the idea of trying to do something simple, when I came to a sudden realization...I should just do something fun! Thus, after watching some old Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons, I got the idea of doing the classic rocket scenario. I knew in the end I would have to rig a rocket, but thanks to wonderful non-linear deformers rigging turned out to be very simple.

Of course, though, it did take up some time--something I had lost starting off on the first day of school! I ended up getting really sick two days before the pose test, so I was worried I wasn't going to be able to do my idea. Luckily though, I ended up feeling better enough to do the reference in time and execute with my idea.

Unfortunately, the reference video isn't the greatest of quality--however, I do have the drawovers I did with my reference, and I'll be happy to show and explain those. Forgive me for the chicken scratch that is my handwriting.

First pose needed to read clearly; made some space between my arms and my torso.

Originally only had two elbows out (which was pushed in this drawover, too). But I decided to go with only one arm in order to simplify the pose.

Extended arm out more to really separate it from the body.

Exaggerated the reach down (unfortunately, I never ended up using this pose...someone mentioned during a crit., that if a character was holding a match/lighter, the flame would be searing their thumb.) I ended up correcting it by keeping the elbow down.

Breaking joints!

Look back (taken out in the final).

I am on a chair going nowhere...

Break symmetry on hands

Keep arms seperate (though in the final, this ended up being changed).

One hand goes down before the other.

Keep arms out.

Place hand on hip in order to clarify pose (and make it more interesting).

Exaggerate the kick more (bring it back further).

Bend over slightly more when kicking.

Exaggerate push back (this is when the rocket hits).

I couldn't quite get into this pose, but I definitely wanted to exaggerate the force.

As a last note, I will also say for this animation that sound was incredibly important. The timing, the animation...a good amount of my ideas relied on sound for this project (i.e. rumbling the rocket, the sound of the lighter, the rocket fuze igniting). It's not hard to convey those things without sound, but in the end I believe good sound really does add more to an animation.

Welp, that's it for now. More posts to come soon!