Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sketches + Update

I haven't posted in quite some time--I've been really busy this semester. I'm in the midst of pre-production towards my thesis film, so most of my time has been devoted to that. However, about two weeks ago, I decided to go to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens to see the sunlight and do some animal drawing. It was fun, and definitely a morale booster--sometimes, it's easy for me to get caught up in work (which I think is the case for most people). So it's nice taking breaks to just go observe nature/wildlife.

Here are some of the drawings I sketched:

(Note: There was a cockatiel that mimicked the sound of a cat perfectly--that's the reason for the meow, haha!).

Also, here are just some random sketches taken from my sketchbook about a week ago.

Thomas Scholes (pronounced "skulls", not "shoals", I think?) also came to visit Ringling and perform digital painting demos live! It was really cool meeting him--I really admired his work as a freshman, so who would've thought I'd get to meet him two years later. He's incredibly witty, and really good at presenting. Unfortunately, I couldn't see what he looked like during his first demo (I wasn't wearing my contacts), so his hair's wrong on the first sketch page. Oh well...

Tom and Andrew Theo also presented a demo together at Ringling's Digital Painting Sketch Club, which was pretty cool!

Tom talking about what clients ask for...

And to finish this post, here's some horse sketches I did for pre-production research. 

Thank you, and ciao for now!