Monday, May 13, 2013

Pups, Portfolio, and Poetry...OH MY!

Geez o'pete, it's been forever since I last posted. But now that summer's here and that Operation: Sophomore Year has been successfully completed, I thought I'd give a tiny dump of work and business I did this last semester.

First off, here's an animatic that I did for my Concept II class. I really liked the teacher I had this semester--definitely full of spunk and enthusiasm (especially for the early mornings). I'm actually going to have him next semester for both my CA and Concept III class--with all luck I won't be too sick of him by the end of the semester. But enough about that--in the animatic below, we had to explore an editing and film concept (mine was parallelism). It was strange not having a strict protagonist/villain in my mind when creating this, but it was really cool being able to focus on the transitions and the two dogs separate lives. And despite the changes I would make now, I thought the process turned out to be a lot of fun.

Coeval Canines from Rachel Doda on Vimeo.

I also managed to get a Story Portfolio together this semester and go through the process of applying for internships. It was tough trying to juggle both projects for classes and meeting deadlines for the internship applications, as well as extracurricular events and activities. And while I didn't get an internship this summer, I was happy that I managed to learn more about the process and hear from recruiters (I even had my portfolio informally reviewed by one of them)! Anyway, below is a link to my story portfolio--feel free to check it out! It even has some stuff that I haven't posted to the blog!

Lastly, here's something a bit different. The semester before last I participated in a poetry workshop for fun. While a ton of projects/prompts were assigned, the class gave me a chance to be able to write for myself. During the class, I wrote a poem about the beach and the sea, which turned into being more about fate and relationships (pfft, like most poems aren't about that anyway, haha!). I'll admit that I felt kind of corny writing it, but it seemed to strike a cord with my classmates. Below is the final version...for now.


Fate is like the waves,
Pushing and pulling us;
Rising and breaking—a cycle
Bringing us together,
And farther apart.

The shells in the sand—
These are our moments collecting into
An insurmountable mass;
Forming a land of lost times,
Molding into mountains,
Of indistinguishable instances
When we’ve had to hello, and goodbye
Without meaning it.

Like anchors
Cast into the sea, we planned on
Sinking to where the beasts lie sleeping;
Staying stagnant, never moving.
Though the waters continued to whirl around us,
Though the boats tried to reel us in,
Though the moon marched in place from above,
We rusted,
Became one with those who live
Under the undertow.

For once, we wanted to feel like the center;
For once, we let time move through us.

-Rachel Doda