Friday, August 2, 2013

Tigobo School Adventures: Part 1

Hey Everyone!

In my last post I mentioned that I attended Tigobo's Intensive Collective Workshop for one month. While there, I studied storyboarding and visual development under the guidance of Reno Armanet and Flavie Darchen, as well as various guest artists. It was a really great experience, and as I post sketches, I'll be sharing more about my great experience with the school! :)

Below are some drawings from an assignment I did in the beginning of the workshop. The exercise was to draw people from the street who passed by the school, and to base a character around one of the life drawings. It was a cool experience for me, since most of the time I'd found it hard to find a place to do sketches of people where I wouldn't be disturbed by the environment around me (disruptions such as people coming up to me, asking questions about whether I'm drawing or not, asking whether I could draw their dog, etc.)

The person who I based this character on reminded me of Silent Bob from The Clerks (a movie I still have yet to see, but know the characters fairly well). I'll post the drawings I did of the guy later on after I get some figure work compiled together. Also, if anyone happens to know a good name for this guy, feel free to shout it out--the only names I can come up with are Joe, Stan, Frank, etc.

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