Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Current WIP

Lately I've been feeling a bit drained with just sketching and doodling. While I enjoy doing rough sketches and doodling whatever I please, I haven't had the same sense of fulfillment that I get from my finished pieces. I don't think I've done a finished piece in quite some time (not since the portrait of my friend, Asia, I think), so I was itching to do something that would take much more time and effort. 

However, when I would look up reference, I'd find stuff that would blow me away, but then lose it's charm whenever I tried to incorporate it into a piece. It was then that I realized I needed to get my juices flowing by actually seeing reference up close in personal, and gather my own reference rather than relying on the internet.

So yesterday I went to the Samurai Exhibit at the Frazier Historical Arms Museum. 

It. Was. Amazing.

After than trip, I felt so accomplished and inspired--I gathered so much reference, I ended up draining the battery on my camera, forcing me to use my mom's iPhone to take pictures. The stuff that was on display was gorgeous. In fact, I think I might just have to dedicate an entire post on the trip (and post some of the pictures that I took). Anyway, long story short, the trip inspired me to draw a portrait of some sort of monster/samurai creature (the samurai would try to make themselves as intimidating as possible; sometimes by incorporating animals into their armor). Below is the WIP.

Rough Sketch

Developed Sketch

Tighter Sketch

Feel free to critque, especially if there's something obvious that needs fixin'.

Ciao for now!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shaolin Drunken-Sword Gestures + Outlaw Star

Hey Everyone!

A few days ago, I was looking up different types of martial arts and fight sequences on YouTube. I came across this video on Shaolin training, and was amazed at some of the dynamic acrobatics and highly skilled practitioners in the video.

I didn't get to finish watching the whole thing, but I managed to go through and look at most of the fight scenes/ training sessions. It was around 1:19:55 (where a teenage boy performs Drunken Sword) that I decided I would do some gestures  of him fighting. Below are some of the drawings I did.

Each one took me roughly 5 min. to draw (if I really liked to pose/ if the pose was tricky, I spent a little more time on it). It turned out to be a lot of fun, and something that proved to be a fulfilling exercise. Plus it was funny watching the swordsman pretend to take a drink before continuing to fling his sword; despite the seriousness of it, I couldn't help but smile.

I'll see if I can post more sketches; I think I'll continue doing gestures like these, but of different martial arts. It's great seeing all the different styles and variations. 

Now the question is whether I can tear myself away from watching Outlaw Star in order to draw more. I mean, I'm already close to being half way from finishing it. Sure, I watched it as a little kid, but after finding out some of the episodes were on YouTube, I couldn't help but fall back and re-watch the series. And while the animation may not be as good as others, and the story not as tight as should be, it has some of the most (surprisingly) best lines in any anime I've ever seen. I mean, just listen to this speech--it was done just for the beginning of episode two!

Or how about the lines used in this Toonami advertisement. Not all the lines in the ad are from the show, but most of them are!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and finish watching the entire series, draw until I develop carpal-tunnel, and continue working my butt off in order to save some dough for future prospects.

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Torso Tuesday!

Hey Y'all! Didn't you know? It's TORSO TUESDAY!!!!

Well, not officially Torso Tuesday...more like I'm just posting some sketches of torsos (and it just so happens to be Tuesday). Nonetheless, below are some torso studies of male models that I did using The Figure Drawing Tool for reference. Each sketch took me about 5 min; some were easier than others, while a few were definitely a bit tricky.

I was hoping that the 21c Museum Hotel was still having their figure drawing classes, but unfortunately I discovered the classes were put on hiatus. And while I wasn't too keen on drawing from photos (it's just not the same experience as drawing in a classroom setting), I'll admit that the Figure Drawing Tool had nice variety in their photos in order to keep me challenged. I can't wait to go back to school and be able to go to the Figure Enhancement Workshop (FEWS) again.

Alright, that's enough words. Ciao for now.

NOTE: If you can't see the image as well, click the image, then right click > open image in new tab. That will allow you to see the image up close without having to download it. C:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Some Sketches

Nothing too much to talk about as of late; I've been continuing to study digital painting by reading a few books/ watching a few tutorials. I've also been sketching in my sketchbook, drawing more from life than from imagination. Time and again, however, I'll draw up a little doodle of something from my head (even if it's just a scribble) and keep it for later use in--what I hope will be--a short animation test, animatic, or even a student film.

But hey, enough words; here are some sketches!

Above is a thumbnail, isometric sketch of an aisle/ check lane where I work. It's different than most check lanes I see, specifically because the computer is off to the left, as supposed to being next to the scanner. This is the only place where I've seen a set-up like this and, while different, it is still effective.

At one point I decided to go and sketch some figures at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, there were not that many figures. So, I decided to draw the front end where people order, and where the baked goods are so I could work on my perspective skills. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do more studies like this.

Lastly, this is just a small robber design I created a few months back. While the silhouette definitely needs improving, I find the design to be kind of fun. I'll probably end up working on him a bit more, in order to develop what his personality is and what he steals.

Until then, ciao for now.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Portrait Swap!

Finally! It's done! My portrait of my lovely friend, Asia! After my other friend, Victor, and her did a portrait swap, I asked she would want to do one with me, too.

Originally I was going to just do a drawing, but in the end I decided to practice making/ painting with custom brushes.  I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew though, considering I haven't painted portraits in a while (yet was attempting to with a custom brush I wasn't used to). Overall though, I'm pretty pleased with how the painting turned out; it's still a bit sketchy/underpainting-y, but it's a nice start.

If anyone would like to do a portrait swap, let me know. Also, be sure to check out Asia's amazing art blog (http://leilaz.tumblr.com/) along with Victor's art blog, as well (http://vmaury.blogspot.com/).

Cheers everyone!