Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bat Designs + Ocean Marketing Article

Recently I've been working on some bat designs just to practice with silhouettes and to research more about the terrifyingly, cute little critters.

It's really fun seeing just how diverse this "flying mammal" community is, and how the way they're built/shaped ties in to where they live/what they eat/what they do, etc. The more research I do, the more interested I become in finding out all I can about them...

Aww, what adorable, big ears!

Oh, look, its like he has his own faux hawk/gladiator helmet. Very cool!

Oh...oh gawd...

Okay, so I would like to research all of them EXCEPT the last one. That one just freaks me out...

The last little bit of this post is well...a bit random. I came across this interesting bit of gaming history on, and couldn't help but research it further. If anyone in the gamer community hasn't heard about this wonderful piece of scandal, they should take 45 minutes of their time to read this article on The Fall of Ocean Marketing. If you want to know how to ruin your life and reputation with just a few emails, this is it.

Anyway, ciao for now.

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