Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Been Too Long/ Foxhollow Farm Spring Fest

Hey Y'all!

First off, I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I'll admit, I'm pretty bad when it comes to keeping up with my blog; most of the time it's because of school or I'm busy with other things. HOWEVER, I hope on changing that soon, especially now that I have the chance to start the blogging habit this summer.

So to start off I just want to say that my first year was amazing! I got to meet such fabulous people, see incredible art, and never did I experience true art block (except during April, a.k.a. Finals/ Hell Month). But, as soon as I got off of school, I decided to take a break and either read, play videogames, or watch t.v. That lasted about three days before I realized I needed a job. 

Unfortunately, despite businesses needing seasonal employment, some are not ready to hire immediately. Because of that, I have been volunteering at the place my mom works--Foxhollow Farm. It's a nice place where they serve local foods, produce, and meats. The best part is everything is organic, and the beef/chicken is hormone free and grass-fed. Not only that but they even have folk-art classes and mediation classes--and heck, even gardening classes, too!

What they also have is festivals; in particular, the Spring Festival and the Fall Festival. I volunteered at the Spring one where I did face-painting and helped out at the food tents. After about 4:00, my shift ended, so I decided to look around and sketch. I saw that they had let some of the chickens out of their fenced in area, so I drew some sketches of the chickens.

I realized at that moment that I love observing chickens.The way they scratched/dug into the ground was hilarious. Of course though, I soon left after I found out that where they had been pooping was the same place I had been sketching; I know this because one got really close to me and just let himself go right in front of me. I made the right decision to leave after that.

After the chickens, I decided to leave and go on one of the hiking trails located on the farm. It was a longer trip than I thought (probably due to the heat). I made my way down some steep paths, and after I  battled through some plants I arrived at my first waypoint: The Nature Trail Pond.

Okay, it was less pond-like and more Legend of Zelda-mystical-magical lake. I'm serious! It even had it's own stone marker!

Which, to me, was a definite sign that I was getting closer to my destination. I continued further into the woods, and came upon a path with the same rocks that markers were made of.

And then finally, after going through even MORE plants and narrow trails, I arrived to my destination: The Stone Circle!

On the farm, they have all of these stone markers placed around in various spots. However, most of them are placed here, a bit farther away from the main farm complex. As to why, I don't know. All of the stones are hand-carved, and have a variety of symbols on them. In fact, I actually took the time to draw/photograph some of them...

...BUT THEN I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! There were bees everywhere! Every time I settled down, the bees would start to gather around me and buzz in my ear. I had to leave my sketch unfinished; I couldn't take it anymore!

Luckily, soon after leaving the inner stones and came across the edge of the forest. There, I saw the most bizarre looking bird. I couldn't get a decent picture of it, so I sketched it as best as I could.

It was a cross between a vulture and a female turkey--either way, it was beautiful, yet terrifying.

After I watched it for a bit, I realized that the sun was getting to me and that I should head back home. I made my way back through the woods, got in the car, and drove back home; I was satisfied with how my Saturday had ended.

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  1. I LOVE the gestures of chickens. Very loose and expressive :D

    Keep it up!!