Sunday, March 30, 2014

Throwback! (Drama Painting from Last Semester).

Hey Y'all!

As usual, pretty busy with pre-production on my thesis film--it turns out that the idea I wanted to do was chosen to be my film for the next year. I AM SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU GUYS, IT WILL HOPEFULLY BE KICK-ASS AND COOL...just need to make it now (haha)!

But until then, here's my drama painting from last year (I wanted to post it before it disappeared, lost in many-a portfolio/hard-drive). I went back and touched it up a bit--still a few things I wish I could tweak. But in the end, I think it turned out pretty cool.

The concept for the painting: "The Crow Killer, an extraordinary beast of white fur and clawed feet, steps outside his natural hunting grounds and kills crows in front of the Crow King's Shrine. Now he must survive the onslaught of the murder...and the spirit of the Crow King himself."

Original Painting (Dec. 2013)

Latest/ "Final" Painting (Mar. 2014)

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