Sunday, March 9, 2014

Portrait of The Sea Witch

Hey Guys!

I haven't updated in quite a bit (I've been too busy with pre-pro for my thesis, that I've unfortunately neglected this blog). But, now that Spring Break is here, I'd thought I'd at least post something fun!

Here's a painting I did as a part of a 24-hour challenge we had at our school. Aaron Blaise--an incredible artist, and former Disney animator/director--came to visit again this year to demo/show his art. As part of his visit, there was a 24-hour art challenge (where the winner would have their work displayed at Ringling's Madeby Gallery, plus the possibility of winning some other cool prizes)!

Below is the painting I sent off--I didn't get to everything I wanted, but I managed with the time given. And then the one after it is the one I continued working on after the deadline. Special thanks to my friend, Courtney, who gave me some tips/guidance. She's super cool! ;)

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