Friday, August 3, 2012

Sketch Dump I

Whoa! I haven't posted in what seems like...forever! But what can I say--I've been busy lately. I just got back from the lake trip with my awesome cousins and their families. It's only been a few days since the trip, but tomorrow my step-brother's getting married, and then I'm going to see Train in concert on the 7th.

Holy Moley, at least this summer's finishing up with a bang. But onto more cooler things, like some artwork y'all!

Dancing Monster

Crazy Dolphin: Rough Sketch

Sketch Something Word: "Fisherman"

 Sketch Something Word/Phrase: "Ghostly Boxer"
Monkey Design (Funny story with this one; I had my cousin's two year old place his feet on a piece of paper, and then I drew around his feet so that he would stand still for a few minutes. It was really fun for him, and at one point he would move his feet when I wasn't done tracing yet. I then took one of those foot drawings, and drew a monkey for him, since monkeys are his favorite animal).

Monster Designs

Tree Studies from Norris Lake

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  1. These are AWESOME dude! I love the last two, and the punching one made me laugh.